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+12818868501 +14088319013

115.com-Verification Code:8571

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+16178434630 +13032198652

Your code is 6183.

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+18722169986 +13217325061

test sms

13 min. ago
+14159926875 +12062091299

G-595840 is your Google verification codeUse the demo numbers below to receive text messages

13 min. ago
+14159926875 +13109055130

Hello nathanielthanks for the message!

13 min. ago
+14159926875 +14088319007

BlaBlaCar: 7610 kodu ile telefon numaranı.

14 min. ago
+14153849980 +17162740685

Your HugBit verification code is 5911

16 min. ago
+14079022307 +14088319078

Michael Kors cheap sales bit.ly/w41gwtest

17 min. ago
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Your HugBit verification code is 5137

25 min. ago
+12818868501 +14152148042

115.com-Verification Code:1647

26 min. ago

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Why Choose Us

Free Online SMS Numbers: Learn How to Use

From now on, it is extremely easy and convenient to examine your mobile coverage with an effective online number tool. This highly useful and very simple instrument allows checking text messages’ delivery and promptness ratio quickly and easily.

  • Step #1: Find and select the number of phone from the particular nation state, where you need to send a text message. Create the message itself, and send it.
  • Step #2: Choosing a certain country and clicking on its icon, you will be forwarded to another page, where all the detailed information about received text messages, together with sender’s phone number, SMS communications and the precise time of delivery is provided.
  • Step #3: You will see your message displayed on the detailed page of the numbers. If your number works correctly, your message will appear automatically.

Under what circumstances should you examine the online number coverage?

There is nothing difficult in buying numerous international and local numbers. In the same time, you should always check in advance whether you could send messages to the certain location or not.

The free test of online phone number is designed specially for people who tend to check devoted numbers’ reliability and speed of messages’ delivery. The SMS verification’s counter refreshes automatically allowing you to see text message directed by other users.

What is the key importance of online phone numbers?

If you still have doubts about the importance of virtual numbers’ usage, be aware your professional and personal life will get number of advantages. You will be able to detach your work and personal affairs. Moreover, you will improve your privacy significantly. If you have no desire to uncover your private phone number to unfamiliar persons, one-use phone number is the best option for you. In addition, the technology it is based on allows you receiving SMSs online for nothing, sending programmed and automatic messages, and use numerous SMS patterns.

There are some more reasons why it is so beneficial to use online phone numbers:

  • Boost both-way text messaging.
  • Reply to clients in present-time.
  • Accomplish text messages online.
  • Direct and take delivery of text messages online.
  • Plan and program texts with SMS software.
  • Arrange for an expert involvement.

Will I be charged for sending text messages to dedicated numbers?

Yes. You will be charged the standard fee of a text message for national numbers, and the international rate for global numbers.

My text message is not shown on counter. Why?

If your message have not appeared on the counter, it shows that the delivery was failed. In addition, your mobile carrier may placed limitations over text messages that also could result in the failure of your message’s delivery.

How long is the devoted number accessible?

Generally, a once-a-month basis is the usual period of subscription. On condition that you pay you once-a-month fee, the online phone number will be held in reserve for you

What is the price for the online phone number?

Online numbers’ price differs depending on the certain location and service supplier. On the TextMagic’s official website, the detailed information and prices are available.

Are there any limits on the text messages’ amount that online number can receive?

A limitless number of text messages is provided for the owners of online phone numbers. Nevertheless, in case your mobile carrier has placed some SMS restrictions, there is no assurance that your message will be delivered correctly and on time or delivered at all.


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